Breath for Namibia

"In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our family faced a harrowing ordeal when our son contracted the virus, and his oxygen levels plummeted dangerously low. With hospitals overflowing and no available beds, we had to make a crucial decision: to care for him at home. The only problem was the urgent need for an oxygen concentrator.

In our moment of desperation, a kind elderly woman graciously offered us her oxygen concentrator, a lifeline in our time of need.

Moved by this act of generosity, we decided to share our story on Facebook, hoping for some assistance. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Within just two weeks, our community, especially the local business community, rallied together, and we managed to raise over N$ 650,000. With this support, we were able to purchase approximately 40 oxygen concentrators. These life-saving devices were then distributed to smaller towns like Stampriet, Luderitz, Maltahohe, Outjo, and the coast.

To ensure that these vital resources continued to serve those in need, we began renting them out for a modest fee of N$ 300 for a two-week period. This fee covered the cost of three oxygen masks, necessary maintenance, and water for the concentrator.

Fast forward two years, and our service is still in high demand, especially among patients battling cancer, heart conditions, and lung ailments.

We are profoundly grateful for the provision we received a few years ago and thank God for the opportunity to continue serving our nation in times of need."

For more information contact Albin Jacobs: 
+264 81 149 0009  /  +264 81 272 1901

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